Rye Town Council

Community Involvement

For a small town Rye boasts an impressive number and variety of community, sporting and voluntary organisations. There is something for every interest or need and there is no doubt that they are an integral and vibrant component of the life of the town. It is not unusual for Rye folk to be involved actively in up to half-a-dozen different local groups!

Rye Town Council recognises the valuable role these groups perform – as well as the need to engage, and work with the community at large and the smaller communities within it - and has therefore published a Community Engagement Statment of Intent.

Many councillors and staff are involved personally with local community and voluntary organisations. However, formally – in addition to organising public meetings as the need arises and publishing a newsletter and Annual Report – there are two main ways in which the Council engages with, and supports community groups and initiatives. It provides grants and appoints representatives (see below) to sit on a wide range of voluntary and public bodies.




Chamber of Commerce

Rebekah Gilbert

Community Centre Association

John Izod

East Sussex Associationn of Local Councils (AGM) appointed as and when necessary

East Sussex Community Rail Partnership
(Marsh Link)


Fair Trade Steering Group

Jonatahn Breeds

Highways Forum Mike Boyd, Bernardne Fiddimore, Pat Hughes

Marsh Link Action Group

Ray Prewer

Police Priority Setting Panel Mike Boyd, Cheryl Creaser, Pat Hughes

Rother Assoc of Parish & Town Councils

Clerk; Pat Hughes

Rother DC Liaison Committee

Mike Boyd, John Breeds, Bernardine Fiddimore, Jo Kikham, Ray Prewer, Andi Rivett; Clerk

Rother Transport Action Group


Rye Emergency Action Community Team Rogers; Clerk

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Management Committee

Andi Rivett

Rye HotCats

Charlie Harkness

Rye Network

(Jo Kirkham)

Rye Partnership Members' Meetings

John Breeds, Rebekah Gilbert, Shaun Rogers

Sports Centre Advisory Committee

John Breeds

Tree Warden John Breeds




Cinque Ports Confederation Standing Committee

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Clerk

Harbour of Rye Advisory Committee

Andi Rivett [from November 2015]

Rye Art Gallery

Michael Stott*

Rye Grammar School Exhibition Foundation Governors

Jo Kirkham, Ian Potter and the Mayor

( )    appointed independently but Councillor/Clerk has offered to report anything of interest to the Council.

*      Non-Councillor appointed by the Council