Rye Town Council


Save for a few occasions when confidential business is discussed, meetings of the Council and its committees are open to the public.

The committees’ Terms of Reference may be viewed here.

Members of the public and press are encouraged to attend meetings – indeed, meetings of the full Council and Planning & Townscape Committee have a slot for public participation.

Meetings are held generally on Mondays, commencing 6.30pm. Click here for a timetable of meetings.

Agendas for upcoming meetings can be found here, on the Town Hall noticeboards and displayed at Rye Library (Lion Street) and the Rye Community Help Point (Cinque Ports Street).

Planning & Townscape Minutes are published usually within a few days – however, publication of other Minutes is determined largely by the Town Clerk’s workload.

Please note that all Minutes remain as unadopted drafts until they are approved at the next meeting of the Council/Committee.

Supporting papers

If an Appendix to a set of Minutes – or documents relating to Agenda items – do not appear on this web site, they may viewed at Rye Town Hall in Market Street, Monday-Thursday, 9am-1pm, or by appointment.