Rye Town Council

Local Action Plan

Although the production of an action plan for Rye had been officially launched with an open day at the Community Centre in March 2007, it proved to be very difficult to identify sufficient volunteers to join the Steering Group – and impossible to persuade someone to take on the role of co-ordinator on a voluntary basis. By autumn 2008 the Council had concluded that the action planning process would continue to flounder without a funded Co-ordinator. Angela Alexander, a former Camber Parish Clerk, was contracted to undertake this role.

The action planning process - overseen by a small Steering Group comprising Simon Compton, Neale East, Richard Farhall (Town Clerk), Lyn Osborne, Councillor Paul Osborne and Paul Tyler – ‘took off’ in November 2008.

The main consultation was undertaken by way of a questionnaire delivered with the February 2009 Rye Fixtures. The completed forms were analysed independently (by Action in Rural Sussex). Other sources of data considered included: one-to-one ‘mini surveys’ undertaken at medical centres, the Boys’ Club, nursery, Library, Age Concern and Sports Centre; engaging with the students at Rye College and Rye Primary; comments submitted independently; data collected at the March 2007 Open Day.

The Rye Local Action Plan 2009-14 – essentially a statement of the community’s main needs and who will be addressing them – was formally adopted by the Town Council in August 2009 and published in September 2009.

A meeting of the stakeholders associated with taking forward the ‘actions’ identified within the Plan was held in February 2010.

For convenience the Plan has been divided below into manageable sections:

If you are interested in getting involved in taking forward the Plan’s ‘actions’ please contact Richard Farhall
t 01797 223902.

The Rye Local Action Plan 2009-14 (pdfs)

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Acknowledgements (ifc)

Contents (p3)

About Rye (p4-5)

What is it and consultation (p6-7)

Actions (p8-14)

Facts & figures (p15)

Rye College (p16)

Rye Primary (p17)

Stakeholders (p18)

Get involved (ibc)

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