Rye Town Council

Emergency Planning



Central government encourages local communities to develop and maintain their own emergency plans for implementation in extremis on either a self help basis or to add value to the efforts of Local Authorities and Emergency Services. The plan identifies the policy, structure and processes involved in the handling of serious emergencies, such as widespread flooding or the impact of industrial incidents.

In Rye a team of volunteers, known as Rye Emergency Action Community Team (REACT), works as a subset of the Rye Town Council to develop a plan for the local community. Periodically progress is reported in the local media or by newsletter.

The Rye Community Emergency Plan is in two parts:

Part 1 (overview for general and wide information) is complete and sits on the Rye Town Council website;

Part 2 (contains the detail of the community contribution( has limited distribution because of the personal data it contains.

As part of its work, REACT is in touch with adjacent parishes.

Now that a plan has been written, REACT:

* is further considering local risks. A public meeting was held in September 2010 to consider flooding in the west of Rye. This produced an action plan which REACT is progressing with other agencies.

* Seeks more volunteers, either to help with the plan or to act as Community Flood Wardens for west Rye.

* Plans to communicate the work more widely by organising a low level "desktop" exercise to test the plans viability.

For more information, please contact REACT through Rye Town Hall.