Rye Town Council


Rye Town Council . . .

is a Quality Council

continues a Mayoral tradition dating back to at least 1289

has 16 elected Members and a 'Qualified Clerk'

controls assets of just over £1m

as one of its two Antient Towns, plays a full and active role in the Confederation of the Cinque Ports

holds over 50 Council or Committee meetings a year, all of which are open to the public

(in 2008-09) raised 49% of its annual income from sources other than Council Tax

employs/retains a Town Clerk, Assistant Town Clerk, Town Hall Keeper, Town Sergeant, Town Crier, Second Mace Bearer, Seamstress, and 4 Heritage Centre Sales/Counter Clerks

is the custodian of the Rye Town Model and the world famous Rye Gibbet Cage – containing the remains of John Breads, a local butcher who, in 1742, mistakenly murdered the Deputy Mayor (his intended victim was the Mayor!)

owns and maintains a town hall, heritage centre, skate park, playing field and cottage

is one of a diminishing number of councils in the UK still to require its councillors and staff to wear robes and regalia at council meetings

publishes, within Rye Fixtures, a quarterly newsletter

nominates representatives to serve on over 20 local voluntary, public and community organisations

holds monthly Councillor surgeries and hosts a monthly MP surgery

hosts around 50 wedding and civil partnership ceremonies every year

comments on over 100 planning applications per annum
• initiated the Rye Local Action Plan, the Rye Local Action Team (crime & safety) and Rye Emergency Planning Group (REACT)

• maintains two web sites: www.ryetowncouncil.gov.uk and www.ryeheritage.co.uk